Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's just life sometimes

So I know I still have many posts for the last month that I have not put up yet, and I promised pictures of Texas and trips and festivals. I will be getting to those. I will. I am still playing around with my new toy that I got for school from my oh so nice da-da, so be patient with me as I get everything set up on the lap top.
In the mean time, here is a random update, I figured maybe it was time for a new post since it has been almost two weeks that I last posted.
And we all know how much we like lists........

1. School starts in a week, for me. Since I am only going once a week, class will be every Thursday night, for five hours. I knew getting a Master's would be time consuming, but just how much, well, here's an idea for you...6 chapters, 2 articles and 1 paper due by the 2nd week of class. But hey, I love to learn. And I really don't mind reading, even though sometimes the topics aren't always that interesting. At least it gets my brain going, and will be more educational than the books I am reading now.....

2. I have been working the 4-ten hour shifts for almost two weeks now, and though I can definitely tell I am getting less sleep and will continue to do so, I actually really do like it. I was for it in the first place, mainly because I am not married and don't have kids. Plus I live less than five minutes away from work, so sleeping in until the last possible minute is an option for me due to the lack of driving time I have. The only day that may not be so much fun is, again, Thursdays, due to the fact that I will be up and running from 5:30am til 10:30pm. That's a loooong day.

3. Kelli and I are getting a new roommate at the end of the month. Yay! Now that Sarah and Arturo are married, she has moved out, and Michelle S. will be moving in. She is a really nice girl that works at the gym I go to, she actually has trained me before, and also is an avid church-goer. She goes to Alpine right now and also works there. Plus she is super good at volleyball, I mean like touring Europe good. She is tall and slender, totally a volleyball chick. I am excited for what the new presence will bring to our lovely little place.

4. The music industry is going well. Chas and I have had a lot of gigs scheduled in the last month, which makes for less practice time when you have work, school, personal life, etc. But we get it done either way. You just have to make time sometimes. But here's just a small run down of what we have coming up:

~Over the Mountain Festival- Chas actually put this one together (with help from yours truly of course) We are holding it up at Hunstville Park on August 30th. We have 4 local acts, including us, and then a guy named Chris Heifner from Nevada coming to play as our headlinder. He has played at WHBC before and seems to be well-liked by many of the church-goers here, so hopefully he will stir a crowd. Plus we have TONS of cool stuff to raffle for. Music, entertainment, and prizes, sounds enticing to me.
~Salt Rock Coffee Performance on September 13th- We love this place and are actually doing a paid show here for the first time! We are still deciding who to have open for us, but we have a couple people in mind.

~We are planning a trip up to Seattle sometime in October. When, I can't say. It's somewhat of a surprise at this point. But I will be able to give more details after.

~November there is this Musical Poetry\Songwiriters Experience that we will be doing, unsure on the date and time right now. But it is going to be a cool little pre-Christmas performance where we get to interview and talk about the making of some of our songs, plus do some Christmas songs. Sounds very festive.

~December 6th we will be performing at Zoo lights! It will be freezing cold but fun to provide some music for the people coming to check out all the lights.

We are keeping our eyes out for other shows that we can do, so if you see\hear of anything, send it our way!

5. This last year has brought many changes, healing, doubts, strength, and most of all hope. Hope for me in a sense that though things are very different than what I expected, they are also wonderful. In the area of relationships, this was something I told myself I was never going to experience again.
But God thought differently. And so he has blessed me with someone absolutely wonderful that I love spending time with and honestly at first did not think I would be able to love as much as I do. But I do. Feel free to ask me about it. I would love to tell you. :)


Claire said...

Uhh... relationship? I need an e-mail here lady!

Also, woo for school! I'm glad you're adjusting to 4 day weeks, and yay for new roomie!

melissa said...

Sounds like your life is blossoming (sp?)! That is beautiful.

PS - also need an email re: hinted at relationship. :)