Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Everything's bigger in Texas

Here we are in Austin, Texas, day 1. I have never been to Texas before, just flown through it in a mad run on my way home from Italy one time, so it was definitely nice to sit back and enjoy some scenery while we were there. A group of us from church went for the National Worship Leaders Conference the week of July 21st-25th. Me, Preston, Brian, Kim, and Leon all got there Sunday night, so we spend some time at a good barbeque place and decided to check out the capital Monday morning before the first night of worship at the confernce. Here are a few details from the trip to the capital building.

The infamous self-pic while riding in the car.

A lovely little Catholic church on our walk up to the capital.

And there it is, the capital building, located in Austin, Texas. Since Leon is a native of the big state, he decided to show us around a little bit. What a nice guy.

There is an 8 foot star located at the top of the inside of the building. It looks super small from 217 feet where we are standing below it. Afterall, Texas is the Lone Star State.

And this is the middle of the circle inside the capital. There is a crack in the floor, and Kim said it was from a man falling to his death while working on the building way back in the day. Kinda cool, kinda sad, and creepy.

I was trying to catch a good shot of the "roundness" of the inside with the staircase above. I couldn't quite get the angle though

Just outside the building there are these old, I mean super old, oak trees that grow sideways. The are really cool looking.

Well that was is for the first afternoon of the trip, stay tuned for more coming soon of the conference and the biggest rib you have ever seen!


Claire said...

Looks neato! I've had the same experience- only bookin it through Fort Worth! Glad you guys had a great trip!

melissa said...

Ooo - can't wait for more!

Kimberly said...

Yes, it was great fun! I finally got the pics to stick and posted my blog of the trip. Lots of cute pics of everyone! Love you!