Saturday, May 17, 2008

What's your motivation?

Recently I was reading a magazine that talked about women who, while working out, have phrases or things they say to themselves to keep motivated, keep on going when there is nothing left to give. I found this interesting in that I often find myself saying or doing certain things while in the middle of running to keep myself from giving up and just stopping.

Well, today I got to put that into full action, it was awesome. And, the best part is this secret I am about to share......

You know that Michael Jackson song, "Don't stop til you get enough".....well it works wonders for me. I even listened to it while running the half marathon this morning.

Do I think it helped me to keep a ten minute mile for 13.1 miles?........oh yes, I definitely do.


Claire said...

COngrats! I get it feels great to have your first half under your belt! Go girl!

jules said...

Horray thats so great! sweet time girl! i wish i could have run it with you!