Tuesday, April 3, 2007


So here's an entertaining story for you.

You remember the 80's rock band Poison, right?

"Every Rose Has It's Thorn", ring a bell?
"Your Momma Don't Dance"
"Unskinny Bop"

Just naming a few of their songs that you might remember hearing while growing up.
I would say they were a pretty famous group.

So here is where my story comes into play.

Most of you know I have been working at Starbuck's for about 9 months now.
Over the course of these 9 months, we have quite a few regulars that come in that I have remembered, people that are there once a day, once a week, once a month, and they always get the same thing.
Over Christmas, I took a guy's order.... dopio espresso with one raw sugar.
We made small talk, asked him how he was, blah blah blah, it doesn't take that long to pull one shot of espresso, so our conversation was pretty shorted lived.
About a month later, he came in again, so I asked him where he had been, since I hadn't seen him in a while. He was very non-chalant (sp?) and just said something like "Oh, well I am origionally from Florida, but I am just here visiting."
Most people coming to Utah usually do that in the winter months, due to the incredibly good snow we have here. So he got his espresso and went along his way.

This Saturday the same guy, Bob is his name, came in again. Before he could even say his drink I was already spurting it out, ringing him in, and marking his cup with the name.
This time, he asked me first how I had been, "Fine I said".
I asked him the same thing, "What about you, where have you been?"
He responded, "Oh well, you remember I told you that I am from Florida, but I visit here."
"What do you do when you visit here?", I asked.
"Oh I have a house up by Snowbasin".
Thinking to myself, well, this guy must have a good job and\or a lot of money to have houses here and there. So I asked him, "What kind of work do you do?" trying not to seem too nosy.
"I am a musician".
Still thinking in my head, this guy must be part of some pretty big band, I ask him, "Oh really, what band are you in?"
"Um", hesitating, he responds, "Poison".
It takes me about 5 seconds for this to click in my head. Then that instant DUH feeling sinks in as he is walking away, saying to everyone, "Have a nice day you guys", and walks out.

Now I was not a huge Poison fan growing up, even though their songs are more than just one hit wonders for sure. But, my experience was intriguing none-the-less.
I thought that was the end of my encounter for the day of the mystery man from Poison, since I only knew his first name, Bob, and what kind of drink he orders from Starbuck's.
But, a few hours later, he came back, for another one, except this time it was a quad espresso with 2 raw sugars. So I made a comment like "I guess that double just didn't cut it last time huh?"
Since I was already aware that he was somehow connect to Poison but wasn't exactly sure how, I asked him a few more questions.
"So, what do you do for Poison then, anyway?"
He answers, again in the most non-chalant way, "I am their bass player".
So I made some more small talk with him, stating that I remember that my dad used to listen to them (ha, I bet that made him feel really old), and we talked about the fact that they have been together for like 24 years, wrote their first album in 86', that he ended up buying a house in Utah because a friend a while back introduced him to Snowbasin and he loved it and he loves skiing, typical coffee shop talk, you know.

So of course I told everyone there that the bass player for Poison comes into our store and what he orders, and they just laugh, thinking it is funny that he is in Utah, ordering fromStarbuck's. (like he doesn't order that at any other Starbuck's in the US)

I did end up Google-ing him, and sure enough, even in the picutres from the 80's you can definitely tell it is him. His name is Bob (or Bobby) Dall.

Here are few then and now pictures, just in case you ever end up seeing him at a Starbuck's somewhere ordering a dopio espresso with one raw sugar.

Bob is third from the right, in the black jumpsuit with crossbones all over.

On the left.


Ashley said...

Wow how random is that.

mat said...

i heard he's married to a teacher at chs.